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series collages - interweaving
in this collages. images that I´ve been working on, motifs and ornaments are cut up, woven together and become new expressions. The old experiences, the motifs are there, but the expression has changed - it may seem improvised. I like the thought that in the picture there are layers upon layers, motifs woven into each other and also hidden. Something new is created - through interweaving.

My next exhibition:
3th of June - 31st of August  2012

Ringebu Vicarage from 1743 is located in beautiful surroundings just north of Ringebu stave church. Vicarage served as rectory until 1991. Now it is protected and restored victorage a historical adventure in itself.  ( homepage: http://ringebuprestegard.no )


Painting is a way of thinking. Painting sets you thinking - about time, identity, about the passing of generations, life and death.

Time can be experienced linearly. We humans get to follow this line, for a period of time. The dead are dead and gone, but are nevertheless a living part of us, whether we are conscious of it or not. We see the traces in our genes, in our memories and pictures, and in the achievements and reputations they leave behind them. They can make their presence felt, or we can consciously call them forth. The past becomes the present in our feelings and experiences.

Coming to Utstein Kloster can be like stepping back in history. It´s easy to imagine the people that have lived here - Vikings, monks, travellers, servants and armworkers.

In this exhibition, I have been inspired by the old portraits in the Garmann rooms, particularly the portrait of Cecilia Garmann. Cecilia died at a age of 25, in 1759, after having given birth to her third child. She is a representative of the past. I would like to take her out of the picture frame and let her be a part of my world, my universe and a part of the contemporary world of art. Questions about who, what, why and where come to mind in this context.

In short; this exhibition seeks to express my wonder over existential issues, - and about our own place in time and space.